[Weekly Workout] Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Class

Intermediate Iyengar yoga class video

Stretch, strengthen, and release with this lovely intermediate-level Iyengar yoga class… Iyengar yoga is a unique form of yoga with a number of wonderful benefits. Although it is often used therapeutically, many individual practitioners enjoy the structure and focus of Iyengar in individual practice. This week’s Iyengar yoga class combines an energetic awakening sequence with […]

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[Pose Of the Week] One-Legged Shoulder Stand Pose (Intermediate)

One-Legged Shoulder Stand Pose tutorial

One-Legged Shoulder Stand Pose is a very beneficial inversion pose that helps you build strength, flexibility, endurance, and more… One-Legged Shoulder Stand Pose (Eka Pada Sarvangasana) is an intermediate-level yoga pose that provides the benefits of an inversion along with an extra hamstring stretch. It also helps to strengthen the shoulders, arms, upper back, and […]

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