[Pose Of the Week] Supported Child’s Pose (Beginner)

Supported Child's Pose tutorial

Give yourself comfort and support in Supported Child’s Pose… Supported Child’s Pose is a restorative version of Child’s Pose that soothes stress and anxiety. This protective supported pose shields the vital energy centers of the body and gives us the confidence to relax and let go of stress, overwhelm, and anything that may be weighing […]

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[Weekly Workout] 25-Minute Intermediate Total Body Home Yoga Flow

Intermediate home yoga flow class video

Stretch, strengthen, and tone your entire body with this intermediate home yoga flow class… This intermediate-level home yoga flow class will stretch and strengthen your entire body from head to toe, release stiffness and tension, and recharge your energetic batteries! Get ready to challenge your balance, stimulate your metabolism, and build strong, toned muscles with […]

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