[Pose Of the Week] Balance, Stretch, & Strengthen with One-Legged Chair Pose (Intermediate)

One-Legged Chair Pose yoga tutorial

One-Legged Chair Pose helps to stretch and strengthen the entire lower body, reduce risk of injury, and calm the mind. Here’s how to do it… One-Legged Chair Pose (Eka Pada Utkatasana) – also known as Standing Figure-Four Pose, Half Chair Pose, Single Leg Chair Pose, or Whooping Crane Pose – is an intermediate-level standing yoga […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Humble Yourself In Fallen Flamingo Pose (Advanced)

Fallen Flamingo pose tutorial

Fallen Flamingo Pose is a unique & challenging yoga pose that will stretch and strengthen your hamstrings, tighten your core, and more… Fallen Flamingo Pose – also known as Humble Flamingo Pose or Floating Pyramid Pose – is an interesting advanced variation on Pyramid Pose. This lovely and unique pose offers an intense hamstring stretch, […]

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