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[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Kundalini Yoga Flow for Digestive Health

Kundalini yoga flow for digestive health video class

Boost your energy and improve your digestive health with this cleansing 20-minute Kundalini yoga flow class… Welcome to this week’s special Kundalini yoga class! This week, we’re focusing on digestive health. The health of your digestive system is sooo important for overall health and well-being! If you’re feeling low-energy, foggy-headed, unfocused, or even depressed, it […]

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[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga Session for the Upper Body

Kundalini yoga session for upper body strength

Strengthen and tone your upper body with this short Kundalini yoga session… This week’s workout focuses on upper body strengthening and toning through an energetic Kundalini yoga session. Kundalini yoga is often used as a cardiovascular workout due to its powerful, repetitive movements, but it is also great for building strength throughout the body. Of […]

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[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

Kundalini yoga workout video for beginners

Get a taste of the profound benefits of Kundalini yoga with this seated beginner Kundalini class… This month we’re focusing on my personal favorite form of yoga – Kundalini!  Kundalini yoga is sometimes called “the Yoga of Awareness,” because of its focus on mental and spiritual components in conjunction with the physical exercises. It is […]

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[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga for Weight Loss

Kundalini yoga for weight loss video

Experience the potential weight-loss benefits of Kundalini yoga with this energizing workout session… There are several types of yoga that are touted for their weight loss benefits. One of these is Kundalini Yoga, which offers great cardiovascular benefits due to its emphasis on energetic and powerful movements and breathing techniques. This week’s workout shares a […]

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