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[Weekly Workout] Morning Yoga With Meditation

By / October 3, 2018

Start your day off right with this gentle morning yoga meditation practice suitable for all levels… This morning yoga practice is a great way to start off your day! Start off with a Pranayama breath practice and a moving meditation that will awaken your body and mind and get you ready to meet the challenges […]


[Pose Of the Week] Find Inner Peace In Accomplished Pose (Beginner)

By / September 21, 2018

Accomplished Pose (or Perfect Pose) is a perfect way to meditate and find your inner calm… Accomplished Pose (Siddhasana) – also called Perfect Pose – is a seated beginner-level asana that is often used for meditation. My favorite Kundalini instructor usually uses this pose as an alternative to Easy Pose or Lotus Pose, and I […]


[Pose Of the Week] Stretch, Strengthen & Lift In Low Lunge Pose (Beginner)

By / September 14, 2018

This beginner pose stretches and strengthens your lower body while improving your balance. Here are a few tips for properly performing Lunge Pose… Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana) – also known as Low Lunge Pose – is a foundational yoga pose that you will find in many basic yoga classes. This pose looks very simple, but in […]


[Pose Of the Week] Give Your Spine a Gentle Stretch With Cat Pose (Beginner)

By / August 31, 2018

Wake up your body and mind and release stiffness and tension with Cat Pose… You are likely most familiar with Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) as part of a flow in conjunction with Cow Pose (Bitilasana). However, Cat Pose can also be done on its own, or in a sequence with other poses as well. This beginner […]


[Pose Of the Week] Enjoy the Gentle Benefits of Cow Pose (Beginner)

By / August 17, 2018

Cow Pose is a gentle yoga pose that provides great benefits for the back, spine, and other areas of the body. Here’s a quick tutorial… Cow Pose (Bitilasana) is one of the easier yoga poses for beginners, but it comes with some great benefits. You may be most familiar with Cow pose when combined with […]


[Pose Of the Week] Build Strength With Chair Pose (Beginner)

By / August 10, 2018

Chair Pose is an important foundational yoga pose that strengthens and tones your lower body and more. Here are a few tips for beginners… Yoga newbies sometimes think of Chair Pose (Utkatasana) as “the torture pose,” but love it or hate it, there is no doubt that Chair Pose offers some unique benefits. Not only […]


[Weekly Workout] 15-Minute Stretch & Release Flow

By / August 1, 2018

Stretch and relax your entire body with this gentle 15-minute yoga flow – perfect for beginners, injury recovery, or those who just need to relieve some stress… This gentle 15-minute yoga class is a great way to start or end your day on a peaceful and relaxing note. Stretch and relax your entire body as […]


[Pose Of the Week] Progress With Sun Salutation B

By / July 27, 2018

Use Sun Salutation B to strengthen your legs and build flexibility while expanding your yoga practice… A couple of weeks ago we discussed the sequence of poses typically called “Sun Salutation A.” Ashtanga yoga usually begins with this Sun Salutation sequence, often followed by other versions of the Sun Salutations. This week, we’re focusing on […]


[Weekly Workout] Ashtanga Yoga Basics Class

By / July 25, 2018

Learn the building blocks of Ashtanga yoga with this 45-minute Ashtanga yoga basics class… This week’s class explores the basics of Ashtanga yoga, starting with the traditional meditation and chanting to invoke the power of your inner self to help you through your practice, and moving through a quick body scan meditation with deep breathing, […]


[Pose Of the Week] Half-Standing Forward Fold (Beginner)

By / July 20, 2018

Half-Standing Forward Fold is a wonderfully gentle stretch for the entire body. Here are some tips and modifications for doing it right… A few weeks ago, we discussed Standing Forward Bend Pose, but a related pose that is often used in conjunction with this pose is the Half-Standing Forward Fold (or Bend) pose (Ardha Uttanasana). […]

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