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[Weekly Workout] Detox Yoga Fusion Challenge – Full Body Stretch

By / February 7, 2018

Get ready to strengthen, lengthen, and detoxify your body all month long with this fun detox yoga fusion workout challenge! One of our favorite online yoga instructors recently did a detox yoga fusion workout challenge which was a lot of fun. We have picked out our favorite 4 workouts from the series to share with […]


The 5 Weirdest Yoga Trends of 2017

By / January 8, 2018

Here’s a recap of some of the strangest yoga trends of 2017! It’s sometimes funny to me that yoga has been around for thousands of years, but there are all these “hot” modern yoga trends that everyone just has to try out… I guess it’s just our tendency to want to make what is old […]


[Weekly Workout] Ashtanga Yoga Tapas Sequence for Strength & Self-Discipline

By / January 3, 2018

This disciplined yoga Tapas sequence can help you keep your resolutions this New Year! Ah, the start of a new year – full of promise and possibility! This time of year, many of us make resolutions or commitments in areas we would like to improve in our lives. Exercise is a common focus, as many […]


Iyengar Yoga: A Therapeutic Yoga With Unique Medical Benefits

By / November 6, 2017

Iyengar Yoga is a unique type of yoga with many therapeutic uses – sometimes known as “the medical yoga.” Here’s why it’s so beneficial… While yoga is an ancient practice, it has evolved over the centuries into many different forms and types. From popular types of yoga such as Hatha and Vinyasa, many other branches […]


[Weekly Workout] 45-Minute Morning Kundalini Yoga Practice

By / November 1, 2017

Wake up your body and mind with this meditative and energetic Kundalini yoga practice session! I’m so excited to share this workout with you today, as Kundalini yoga is my absolute favorite type of yoga! In fact, I’m kind of obsessed with it… 🙂 Kundalini yoga is a unique form of yoga with a focus […]


[Weekly Workout] Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Letting Go

By / October 25, 2017

Looking for a lift? This quick Vinyasa yoga flow session will help you to let go of stress, tension, and anxiety, and embrace yourself just as you are! During this 20-minute class, you will spend some time focusing on your breath and the physical sensations in your body to help you relax into the present […]


[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow

By / October 11, 2017

Stretch and strengthen your entire body with this flowing Vinyasa power yoga workout… Vinyasa is a flowing form of yoga that is often used in power yoga classes as it focuses on continuous movement without spending much time in resting postures. This flowing, fast-paced Vinyasa workout will strengthen and tone your body in the first […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

By / September 27, 2017

Want to try Ashtanga yoga? Here is a short beginner class to introduce you to this unique form of yoga! Ashtanga yoga is a type of yoga with enhanced focus on conscious breathing, and sometimes chanting and meditation, to bring a more spiritual element into your yoga routine. You may still participate in the yoga […]


[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga for Weight Loss

By / September 6, 2017

Experience the potential weight-loss benefits of Kundalini yoga with this energizing workout session… There are several types of yoga that are touted for their weight loss benefits. One of these is Kundalini Yoga, which offers great cardiovascular benefits due to its emphasis on energetic and powerful movements and breathing techniques. This week’s workout shares a […]


[Weekly Workout] Yin Yoga Flow for Flexibility

By / August 30, 2017

This 30-minute Yin Yoga class is designed to release tension and stress throughout your body, while improving flexibility and breath control. Yin Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on deep breathing while holding each pose for a long time to stretch muscles, joints, and ligaments. This makes Yin Yoga an excellent form of […]

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