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When & What to Eat Before & After Yoga Class

By Rose S. / April 22, 2019

Wondering when is the best time to eat before or after yoga class? Below are some tips for when and what to eat for the best yoga experience… To get the most benefits from yoga, most poses should be done on an empty stomach. Not only does yoga exercise the outside of your body, but […]


3 Fun Ways to Use Props for Yoga Arm Balance Poses

By Rose S. / April 15, 2019

Here are 3 ways to utilize props in your practice to experience the fun and challenge of arm balance poses… Arm balance poses can be tricky and challenging for many yogis – especially for us women, who, like it or not, tend to have less upper body strength in general than men do. However, you […]


Yoga Safety: 5 Tips for Preventing Yoga Injuries

By Rose S. / April 8, 2019

Yoga can be harder that it looks! Here are a few tips for reducing the risk of yoga injuries during your practice… Some people having never done yoga tend to think “How hard can it be to do a bunch of stretching exercises?” In reality, yoga can be quite strenuous, especially as you move into […]


3 Helpful Yoga Breathing Exercises to Teach Your Kids

By Rose S. / March 4, 2019

Teach your kids these easy yoga breathing exercises to help them learn to manage their emotions and relieve stress. Many people think of yoga simply as a series of specific poses. Others may think of it as a serene form of exercise with a spiritual or meditative component. While both of these aspects are important, […]


3 Yoga Poses You Can Do In Bed

By Rose S. / February 18, 2019

Feeling low-energy, ill, or stuck in bed? Try these gentle restorative yoga poses you can do in bed… Sometimes there are days when you just can’t seem to get out of bed… Whether you’re living with chronic fatigue syndrome, are recovering from surgery, or have another illness that causes extreme fatigue, sometimes it just seems […]


What’s the Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?

By Rose S. / February 4, 2019

Should you do yoga in the morning, or is it more beneficial at the end of the day? It depends… Here are a few tips for determining the best time of day for you to do yoga… Do you love yoga in the morning, or is an evening class more your style? If you’re feeling […]


3 Fun Ways to Use a Yoga Bolster

By Rose S. / January 28, 2019

Yoga bolsters aren’t just for beginners! Here are 3 unique ways to use a yoga bolster to enhance your yoga practice… Yoga blocks and straps are probably the most common yoga props (besides a yoga mat, of course), but a bolster can also come in handy. You may have seen a yoga bolster used (or […]


Should You Do Yoga At Home Or In a Formal Class?

By Rose S. / January 7, 2019

Deciding between a live class and doing yoga at home? Here are some of the pros and cons of both options… Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, help relieve back pain, increase longevity and deliver a host of other positive health benefits. It’s no wonder that yoga classes are more popular than ever these […]


5 Simple Yoga Poses to Do Daily

By / November 5, 2018

Want to reap the benefits of yoga, but don’t have much time? Do these 5 powerfully simple yoga poses every day for just 10 minutes! It seems we are all so busy these days… Between work, running the kids around, date night, household chores, and preparing meals, it’s a wonder we have any time at […]


How to Make Yoga A Daily Practice

By / October 15, 2018

You know it’s a good idea, but sometimes it’s hard to fit yoga into your schedule every day. Here are a few tips for making yoga a daily practice… Like any habit, making yoga into a daily practice takes some time and dedication. However, the benefits to your life can be huge over time – […]

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