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How To Do Upward-Facing Dog Pose (The Right Way)

By / March 6, 2017

This quick video demos the proper form and alignment for upward-facing dog pose. Everyone comes to yoga with their own set of unique challenges (for me, it’s lack of flexibility), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a “right way” to do each pose. Some poses you will need to modify – at least in the […]


5 Morning Yoga Practices for a Great Day

By / February 27, 2017

No one wants to start off the day in a bad mood, and these simple morning yoga practices and tips can help make sure that doesn’t happen! Start your day off on the right foot by trying these simple techniques first thing in the morning. After doing these morning yoga practices, you’ll find yourself calmer, […]


Prenatal Yoga: 3 Yoga Poses for the First Trimester

By / February 24, 2017

Prenatal yoga can be a great way to relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy. Here are 3 poses that are perfect for the first trimester… Moms-to-be can benefit from yoga as much as anyone else – if not more! The gentle stretching movements of yoga flow can help relax tight muscles and […]


3 Tips for Starting a Regular Yoga Practice

By / February 20, 2017

Want to feel and look better, relieve stress, and improve your overall health? Start a regular yoga practice! Here are some tips for making yoga a part of your daily life. Like any new habit, making yoga a regular part of your life takes some discipline. But if you stick with it and start a […]


What Is the Goal of Yoga?

By / February 17, 2017

You probably have your own goals for your yoga practice, but would do serious yogis say is the ultimate goal of yoga? Everyone has their own reasons for doing yoga, but for the serious yoga practitioner, yoga can actually become a way of life. Following the traditional teachings of yoga has been found by many […]


3 Things You Wish You’d Known Before Starting Yoga

By / February 10, 2017

These 3 tips can help you get the most out of your yoga practice, or make starting yoga a more comfortable experience for you. When you are first starting a regular yoga practice, you may not be familiar with all the jargon or the rules. You can still get a ton of benefits from doing […]


How to Cultivate A Yoga Mindset In Your Everyday Life

By / February 3, 2017

Do you hate leaving the calm, peaceful yoga mindset behind when you leave your yoga class? Now you don’t have to! Here’s how you can carry it with you every day. You probably know that regular practice of yoga can bring you to a state of peaceful calm, and help you release the stresses of […]


Bored With Your Yoga Practice? Here Are 8 Fun Ways to Spice Things Up

By / January 5, 2017

Are you bored with yoga? Spicing things up will help you motivate yourself and recommit to your yoga practice for the new year! Try these 8 fun tips… Feeling “stuck in a rut” with your yoga routine? Want to mix it up and try something new in your yoga practice this year? Recommit to your yoga […]

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