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How To Maintain Your Hot Yoga Mat

By Rose S. / December 21, 2020

Learn more about this unique form of yoga, how to choose the best hot yoga mat, and how to properly care for it for long-term use… Taking into consideration the popularity of yoga throughout the years, it is not surprising that more and more versions of yoga have entered the mainstream. One of the most […]


4 Top Yoga Products for Your Home Yoga Practice Space

By Rose S. / August 24, 2020

Personalize your home yoga practice space with these highly-rated comfy and supportive items… In recent months, many yogis have been forced to give up their favorite yoga classes and switch to a home yoga practice instead. Practicing at home has many benefits, and though you may miss the group experience of a class, the convenience […]


Aurorae Synergy 2-In-1 Integrated Yoga Mat/Towel Review

By Rose S. / May 4, 2020

Tired of towels sliding around on your mat in your hot yoga classes? For a solution, try the Aurorae Synergy 2-In-1 Integrated Yoga Mat/Towel… As every yogi knows, it is much easier to properly access the deeper levels of meditation and demanding physical poses of your favorite yoga routines when you are comfortable. And that […]


YogaAddict Toeless Yoga Socks Review: Why Go Toe-Less?

By Rose S. / October 28, 2019

These unique yoga socks provide non-slip traction on any surface, while leaving your toes free to spread and grip the floor naturally. Let’s take a closer look at the YogaAddict Toeless Yoga Socks… When practicing yoga (or Pilates), many of the standing or bending poses or exercises require a sturdy foundation. Toeless yoga socks allow […]


Buckwheat Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set Review

By Rose S. / September 2, 2019

Let’s take a look at the unique features of this popular buckwheat zabu & zabuton meditation cushion set… What the heck is a zafu? It’s Japanese for a yoga meditation cushion! While you don’t necessarily have to have a special cushion for meditating, a comfortable and sturdy mat and cushion allow you to focus your […]


Jade Fusion Yoga Mat Review: Is It Worth the Premium Price?

By Rose S. / July 29, 2019

The Jade Fusion yoga mat is a highly-rated yoga mat with a number of benefits over other yoga mats – but it’s not cheap! Here’s a closer look why this particular yoga mat commands a premium price… Jade Yoga is a reputable company known for making environmentally conscious yoga products. One unique thing about Jade […]


4 Affordable Yoga Essentials for Beginners

By Rose S. / May 20, 2019

You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to practice yoga successfully! Here are 4 affordable yoga essentials for getting started with your practice… As a form of exercise, yoga is accessible to just about anyone, of any age, shape, or fitness level. You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment to do yoga, and […]


Hugger Mugger Cinch Yoga Strap Review: Why Choose This Yoga Strap?

By Rose S. / April 29, 2019

Not all that flexible? The Hugger Mugger cinch yoga strap may be a very useful prop in your yoga practice and beyond… A yoga strap can be a very helpful prop for your yoga practice – especially for those with limited flexibility like me. Yoga straps are also small and easily portable, as well as […]


7 Crafty New Uses for Your Old Yoga Mat

By Rose S. / March 25, 2019

Getting rid of your old yoga mat? Here are a few smart and earth-friendly ways to reuse it instead of tossing it in a landfill… Yoga mats can break down over time and lose their grip or cushioning. If it’s time for a new yoga mat, you may be feeling a little guilty about simply […]


[Review] A Closer Look at The Mat Sak Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag

By Rose S. / February 25, 2019

Looking for a fun, functional, and fashionable yoga mat bag? Let’s take a closer look at The Mat Sak yoga mat bag, by Aurorae. If you’re looking for a handy way to carry your yoga mat, you may want to check out the Mat Sak from Aurorae. This unique and attractive yoga mat bag is […]

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