[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga for Weight Loss

Kundalini yoga for weight loss video

Experience the potential weight-loss benefits of Kundalini yoga with this energizing workout session… There are several types of yoga that are touted for their weight loss benefits. One of these is Kundalini Yoga, which offers great cardiovascular benefits due to its emphasis on energetic and powerful movements and breathing techniques. This week’s workout shares a […]

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Yoga for Babies?

Yoga for babies

Yoga is awesome, but does it really have benefits for babies? Here’s why you may want to consider doing yoga with your baby… Yoga for kids has become more popular over the past few years, and it does have a number of helpful benefits – especially for children with developmental issues or behavioral problems. But […]

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[Pose of the Week] 3 Variations on Camel Pose to Liberate & Inspire You

Camel Pose variations

These variations on Camel Pose will help you to find the best way to perform this challenging and heart-opening yoga pose. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is a foundational yoga pose that opens your chest area, stretches your abdominal muscles, improves flexibility of your shoulders and spine, and strengthens your arms, shoulders, and core. Some say that […]

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