[Weekly Workout] Beginner Kundalini Yoga for Abs & Core Strength – Week 5

Beginner Kundalini yoga workout for abs

Build a strong core and tight, toned abs with this 20-minute beginner Kundalini yoga workout…

Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen your core muscles and tone your abs and waistline – without any boring old sit ups or crunches! In fact, most yoga poses engage your abs without you even really noticing. However, some poses provide more of a core workout than others. In this week’s beginner Kundalini class, you’ll focus on your abs and building core strength.

Remember that strong core muscles aren’t just for looks; they also support you in all of your day-to-day activities, and may help to prevent posture-related back pain. Building a strong core will also help you advance your yoga practice and tackle more challenging poses.

Join us for this 20-minute class, and give your core a good workout!

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