What Is CorePower Yoga?

CorePower yoga

Looking for an intense, energizing, and strength-building yoga workout? Try CorePower Yoga…

CorePower Yoga – based on the Ashtanga yoga style – has become a very popular yoga program in recent years.

CorePower yoga is actually a fairly intense form of yoga for many people as it focuses on fast, intense movements, and is often performed in a warm room. Therefore, this type of yoga is best for people who already have a reasonable level of fitness.

People who perform Core Power yoga on a regular basis find the combination of strength and flexibility that it offers helps to raise their fitness level beyond that which they could achieve using other forms of exercise, while also helping to reduce stress and improve energy and focus during day-to-day activities.

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Strengthening the core area of the body in the lower back and the abdominal muscles is very beneficial for athletes especially, but just about everyone can benefit from a stronger core. Building strength in this area also helps to support the back and reduces the risk of back injury.

Each pose in a CorePower yoga class is usually held for just a short time, but you will move quickly from one pose to the next, helping to increase physical endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and more.

If you can’t find a CorePower Yoga class near you, you can find videos or DVDs online and practice at home to benefit from this unique form of yoga.


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