[Weekly Workout] 25-Minute Chakra Balancing Yoga Flow

Chakra balancing yoga flow video

Cleanse, open, & balance all of your chakras with this 25-minute chakra-balancing flow! Cleanse your chakras from root to crown with this quick 25-minute yoga flow! This chakra balancing class addresses each energy center in turn using intentional movement and breath, mindful awareness, and mind-body connection techniques. This empowering class will leave you feeling, cleansed, […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Stretch & Open In Half Pyramid Pose (Beginner)

Half Pyramid Pose tutorial

Stretch the legs, calm the mind, and open your higher chakras with Half Pyramid Pose… Half Pyramid Pose (Ardha Parsvottanasana) is one of several modified versions of Pyramid Pose. This variation offers the same soothing effects of the full Pyramid, and also is believed to enhance intuition and communication, activate the third eye and crown […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Launch Yourself In Airplane Pose (Beginner)

Airplane Pose yoga tutorial

Find your balance as you launch into Airplane Pose – a great pose for strength, stability, and focus… Airplane Pose (Dekasana) is a beginner-to-intermediate level pose that helps to strengthen the spine, legs, and core, creating stability throughout the body and improving balance and posture. Some students may find this pose a bit easier than […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose (Advanced)

Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose tutorial

Build strength & stability & stimulate the throat chakra for clear communication with Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose… Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose (Ardha Padma Sarvangasana) is an intermediate-to-advanced yoga pose that provides a challenge to both balance and strength, while stimulating the throat chakra. This pose helps to improve circulation, strengthens the spine, shoulders, […]

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