[Pose Of the Week] Three-Legged Downward Dog Pose (Intermediate)

Three-legged downward dog pose yoga tutorial

Build strength and flexibility and challenge your balance with Three-Legged Downward Dog Pose… Three-Legged Downward Dog Pose (Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana – also known as Three-Legged Downward Facing Dog, Three-Legged Dog, or Down Dog Split) is a common variation on the popular Downward Facing Dog pose. In this beginner-to-intermediate variation, one leg is lifted […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Twist Into Revolved Triangle Pose (Intermediate)

Revolved Triangle Pose tutorial

Mastered the Triangle? Try Revolved Triangle Pose for a more challenging variation… Triangle Pose is a foundational yoga pose, but the revolved variation, Parivrtta Trikonasana, is more challenging than it looks. Although it may not appear substantially different from Triangle Pose to start with, in fact, Revolved Triangle Pose has some complexities that present not […]

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[Weekly Workout] Root Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class

Yoga for your root chakra

Cleanse and nourish your foundational root chakra with this grounding and strengthening Vinyasa yoga class… As we discussed on Monday, working with your chakras during your yoga practice may provide additional benefits, both physical and emotional. Starting this month, for our Wednesday Workout class, we will be sharing a chakra-cleansing class for each specific chakra. […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Sphinx Pose – A Gentle Back Stretch (Beginner)

How to do Sphinx Pose

Begin to stretch and strengthen your upper body and back in Sphinx Pose… This gentle beginner stretch is a great way to begin preparing your body for backbend poses and start building your upper body strength. Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana) is a heart-opening stretch for the chest, lungs, and shoulders. It also strengthens the shoulders […]

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