[Pose Of the Week] Downward Facing Pigeon Pose (Beginner)

Downward Facing Pigeon Pose yoga tutorial

Enjoy an amazing & relaxing hip-opening stretch in Downward Facing Pigeon Pose… Downward Facing Pigeon Pose (Adho Mukha Kapostana) is a beginner-to-intermediate level yoga pose that provides an awesome stretch for the hips. (This is actually our favorite hip-opening stretch!) It is accessible for most people, and is great at increasing flexibility in the hips […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Full Side Plank Pose (Advanced)

Full Side Plank Pose yoga tutorial

Improve balance & flexibility, strengthen your entire body, & build focus in Full Side Plank Pose… Full Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana) – also known as Side Plank Pose or The Sage Vasistha’s Pose or Parsva Phalakasana – is an intermediate-to-advanced level yoga pose that requires balance, strength, and flexibility. Side Plank strengthens pretty much the […]

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[Weekly Workout] 55-Minute Yoga for Mobility, Flexibility & Strength

Yoga for flexibility, mobility, & strength video class

Strengthen, stretch, & release in this with this lovely full-body flow for mobility, flexibility, & strength… This one-hour yoga practice will take you through a feel-good flow that will allow you to release tension, stiffness, and stress from your body and mind! This class combines a flowing Vinyasa practice with deep, slow, holds to help […]

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