[Pose Of the Week] Stretch & Twist In Revolved Lunge Pose (Intermediate)

Revolved Lunge pose tutorial video

Improve your balance, focus, strength, and more with Revolved Lunge Pose… Revolved Lunge Pose (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana) is a beginner-to-intermediate yoga pose that provides a great stretch for the legs, hips, thighs, and abdominal muscles. A variation of Low Lunge Pose, this pose also challenges your balance, builds strength and stability in the lower body, and […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Half Lord-of-the-Fishes Pose (Intermediate)

Half Lord-of-the-Fishes pose Yoga stretches for sciatica

Enjoy a wonderful spinal stretch and more with Half Lord-of-the-Fishes Pose… Half Lord-of-the-Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana) – often called Seated Spinal Twist – is a beginner-to-intermediate pose that provides a great spinal twist to aid with posture, flexibility, and digestion. Twisting poses are also thought to help with detoxification, and they are good to do […]

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[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Yoga for Digestion & Detox

Yoga for digestion & detox workout class

Stimulate your digestion and detoxify your body with this flowing and twisting yoga class. Yoga is touted as a great way to stimulate your internal organs while exercising your body, and many people swear by yoga for its detoxification effects. For example, today’s yoga class is designed to stimulate your digestive system and promote detoxification […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Learn to Release In Head-to-Knee Pose (Beginner)

Head-to-knee pose yoga tutorial

Stretch & release your back, hamstrings, and mind in Head-to-Knee Pose… Head-to Knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana), also sometimes translated as “Head-of-Knee Pose,” is a seated deep forward bend that helps to stretch and release the entire body as well as calm the mind and reduce stress. It is a wonderful pose for stretching the hamstrings, […]

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