115 Fun Yoga Poses to Add to Your Practice

Looking for a new yoga pose to add to your repertoire? Here are 115 fun yoga poses to try!

One of the awesome things about yoga is that there are such a huge variety of poses to learn! You’ll never get bored, and as you progress from a beginner to intermediate and then on to advanced poses, there are always more variations to master.

The graphic below shares 115 yoga poses to add to your practice, though of course there are many more as well. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a “yoga rut,” why not pick out a new pose from the chart below that you haven’t tried yet, and dedicate the next few weeks to mastering the pose? You’ll improve your strength, flexibility, and yoga skills, while adding some spice to your regular yoga routine!

You can find tutorials for each pose at the link below, as well as many others in our Yoga Poses category.

115 yoga poses

Visit HomeGym101.com for a downloadable PDF and tutorials for each pose.


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