2 Powerful Tips for Living Like a Yogi

Want to live like a yogi? Add these 2 practices to your daily life…

When you hear the word “yogi,” you may conjure up a picture of an old, wise guru with long, grey hair living in a remote cave in the wilderness, but in fact, anyone can become a yogi!

Being a yogi doesn’t mean you are mystical guru who eschews modern society and spends all day meditating in impossible poses. In reality, being a yogi simply means that you live by universal spiritual principles that guide how you use your body and mind for self-actualization and spiritual exploration.

A yogi uses ancient practices to control body, breath, senses, and mind, in order to grow towards a higher level of consciousness – all while living in today’s modern world, and dealing with the same challenges and daily struggles that you do.

According to Yogi Cameron, the author of  “The Yogi Code,” the goal of the yogic lifestyle is to learn to “act from our intuitive nature and not so much from our intellectual mind.”  In this way, we learn to listen to and access guidance from a higher power, and gain a sense of peace and purpose in our lives.

If you want to live a more yogic lifestyle, here are two practices that you can start with today:

1.) Making progress through practice.


The yogi code core practices are the foundational grounding practices for your body and your mind to be balanced while you interact with the world. My mission is also to give you daily living practices to use as the need arises and to apply when the situation calls for them. When you make them a part of your daily life and lifestyle, you start to live as a yogi and move beyond your ordinary power.

2.) Taking control of your breath, speech, and actions.

Controlling faculties such as your breath, speech, actions, and senses bring your mind and body under your control, so you can move inward and create what is truly beautiful and meaningful. You build success from the inside out. This way you shine like the rare diamond that you are at the very core of your being, illuminating every step you take in life.

Once you start to live more as a yogi, your whole life will change beyond what you thought possible. Our personality, environment, work, relationships, and even some of our friends will change. This is all part of the process of transformation. But I know from my own experience that this will be a welcomed adjustment and be energizing because life will have improved beyond all the expectations, and a vibration of feeling dynamically alive will take over from within. The yogic path offers an exceptional journey that can lead to great power and fulfillment. It’s like no other journey we will ever take.

Read more at MindBodyGreen.com, or check out “The Yogi Code” here.


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