3 Fun Ways to Use Props for Yoga Arm Balance Poses

Here are 3 ways to utilize props in your practice to experience the fun and challenge of arm balance poses…

Arm balance poses can be tricky and challenging for many yogis – especially for us women, who, like it or not, tend to have less upper body strength in general than men do. However, you really don’t have to be Superman (or Superwoman) to do most arm balances in yoga. The real trick is figuring out where your center of gravity needs to be, and then learning to balance correctly for your body shape and size.

In most arm balance poses, your arms are used as a fulcrum for you to balance on, so once you are able to figure out how to get equal weight on both sides, you will be able to hover with the best of them. However, in the meantime, props can be extremely useful for mastering arm balances. Yoga blocks, chairs, bolsters, or a wall can all be used to support parts of the body and help you find your center of gravity. They can also help you stay in poses longer, and are great for those who are still developing the strength and stability necessary to achieve the full pose.

Here are 3 arm balance poses that can be assisted with props. Make sure that you are fully warmed up before attempting these, and you may wish to seek the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor if you are new to these poses.


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