3 Awesome Benefits of Yoga In the Workplace

Yoga in the workplace can make your job more healthy, productive, and fun! Here’s why…

We know that yoga has many benefits for athletes, seniors, and even kids – but what about regular old office workers? No matter what kind of shape you’re in, or how flexible (or inflexible) you may be, or where you work, yoga in the workplace can offer many benefits.

Some companies have added yoga to their employee wellness programs and allow their employees to attend free yoga classes at the beginning or end of the workday. If your employer doesn’t offer this, there are also a number of helpful yoga stretches you can do at your desk or in your office during a break.

Regardless of what type of yoga you do, it can have a number of benefits for office workers – and not just for their physical health, either. Participating in workplace yoga has been shown to increase employees’ productivity and motivation – benefiting both employee and employer!

Here are 3 awesome benefits of yoga in the workplace:

1.) Alleviates Common Pain From Desk Jobs

Office workers often spend long hours slouching over their desk and unknowingly stretch their neck forward as they stare at the computer screen. This unnatural posture is unhealthy and can cause back pain, neck strain, and shoulder stiffness which interrupts productivity as employees are distracted by the discomfort and unable to focus on the tasks on hand.

Yoga can help employees to relief such pain through fluid movements and stretches. It can also help lessen any tension caused by stress.

2.) Increases Energy & Reduces Fatigue

Working non-stop throughout the day is bound to create stress which can lead to lower energy and burnout in the long run. It is proven that doing any form of physical activity every 30 minutes, including stretching or even standing up, greatly increases blood circulation and promotes oxygenation which is crucial for energy production.

Yoga can help to get your heart pumping and blood flowing through dynamic movements.and poses. Not only that, simple Yoga stretches can also be achieved within your workstation to improve blood circulation and energy.

3.) Improves Concentration & Focus

Stressful deadlines, demanding workload and endless meetings can create a mental clutter that prevents you from concentrating on tasks and making intelligent decisions. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are a great way to effectively silence the noise and free the mind of clutter that is hindering productivity.

The increase in blood circulation from practicing Yoga also helps to improve brain function for a sharp and focused mind.

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