5 Fun & Practical Yoga Gift Ideas

Looking for a great yoga gift for the holidays? Treat your favorite yogi – or yourself – with these fun and useful yoga accessories!

It’s time for holiday shopping, and if you have a few yoga lovers in your life (or someone who might want to buy a gift for your favorite yoga lover…), 😉 we’ve got some great yoga gift ideas to add to your wish list! These yoga accessories go beyond just a yoga mat, and range from practical to fun to suit any yogi’s tastes. Check out the list below, and get a head start on your holiday shopping!

From useful to whimsical, these 5 yoga gift ideas will be a hit under the tree or in your stocking – oops, did I say “your”?  🙂

1. Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit

How many times have you walked into yoga class only to realize you don’t have a hair tie? This cute kit has you covered. You’ll find the hair tie you were looking for, plus bobby pins, extra socks, ear buds, sample-size dry shampoo, deodorant towelettes, a foldable brush, a headband, a tampon, lip balm, blister balm, Band-Aids, safety pins, and breath mints. It’s the definition of a lifesaver

$27 on Amazon.com

2. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Call us skeptical, but every no-slip yoga mat we’ve tried hasn’t worked as advertised. At the beginning of class it appears to be doing its job, but the second we start sweating, our mat turns into a slip ‘n slide. OK, fine. We’re being a *little* dramatic, but you get the point. And that’s why these towels come in handy. They’re pricey, but washable. Put one over your yoga mat and never slip again—seriously.

$49 and up on Amazon.com

We’re all about at-home yoga, but doing the same flow again and again can boring. Classes are our favorite way to spice things up (Bikram, aerial, and beer yoga are all super fun), and ClassPass makes it so easy to sign up for the coolest yoga classes in your area – and you can give a class pass as a gift to a friend who may be on the fence about attending a live class.

$ Varies By Location. Learn more at ClassPass.com.

4. 42 Birds Recycled Cork Yoga Block

Give support to your practice with this sustainable cork yoga block – perfect for the tree-hugging yogi on your list! This cork yoga block provides a comfortable yet firm grip not found in foam blocks. It’s built to be sturdy, grounding, non-slip and safe for all postures, and the rounded edges add comfort and ease in gripping. The durable block is made with 100% recycled cork, and no harsh chemicals or PVC’s.

$19 on Amazon.com

5. Every Body Yoga

We wish we had someone like Jessamyn Stanley by our side when we started practicing yoga—someone to tell us to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else in class, someone to tell us how yoga can help us love our bodies. Her how-to book has 50 basic poses and 10 sequences, but it’s not just for beginners. We can all learn something from the way Stanley thinks (and talks) about yoga.

$10 on Amazon.com

BONUS Idea! Pug Yoga Mug

Because no list is complete without a pug mug! 🙂 But really, this fun mug featuring pug yoga poses is perfect for anyone who loves dogs or yoga—or both! And doesn’t that cover pretty much everyone out there?

$10 on Amazon.com

Find more ideas for yoga gifts at Greatist.com…


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