5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Yogis

Support your favorite yoga lover’s practice this holiday season with these 5 useful & meaningful gift ideas for yogis…

Practicing yoga often leads to a change in mindset – one that makes us less materialistic, and more at peace with ourselves and what we already have. This can make gift-giving tricky for yogis. Do we give them material items, or try to come up with other, more meaningful gift ideas?

Obviously, there are hundreds of yoga-oriented material gift ideas out there – from yoga pants and other apparel to mats, props, and more. And while these can all make great gifts, maybe your favorite yogi would appreciate something a little less tangible and more meaningful for the holidays this year. While you can’t give them more hours in the day to dedicate to their yoga practice, you can still give gifts that will support them on their yoga journey.

Here are 5 creative and meaningful gift ideas for yogis:

1. Yoga Classes.

Obviously, offering your favorite yogi a way to get more yoga into his/her life is a great gift! A gift certificate to a local yoga studio is a great example. Or, if your yogi friend has a favorite local yoga instructor, maybe they would appreciate a private session to get individual help with that tricky pose they’ve been trying to master.

2. Yoga Subscriptions.

These days, there are so many ways to experience yoga besides in-person classes. A subscription or gift certificate to a streaming yoga service such as YogaDownload or Grokker can make a great gift for your favorite yogi. You could also give a yoga magazine subscription, or a yoga DVD featuring a specific instructor or a new yoga style that your friend may enjoy.

3. Yoga Knowledge.

What do the yoga-obsessed like to do when they’re not practicing yoga? Learn about yoga! Try a classic yoga text like B.K.S Iyengar’s Light on Yoga, The Yoga Sutras, or the Bhagavad Gita. Or, get them a comprehensive yoga course to help them gain in-depth knowledge and take their practice to the next level.

4. More Time to Do Yoga

Wait, didn’t we just say you can’t give time? While you may not be able to create more hours in the day, you can perhaps provide some personal help that will make it easier for your favorite yogi to have extra time to practice. If your yogi friend has small children or a demanding schedule that takes all of his/her free time, why not volunteer to babysit or take care of a few chores around the house so that he/she can take a little time for themselves to spend meditating or practicing asanas?

5. A Unique Physical Gift

If you really want to give a material gift, try giving something that they may not buy for themselves. While any dedicated yogi will already have a yoga mat and probably at least a few basic props, gifting something unique like a yoga wheel, a specially made meditation cushion set, or even just a high-end yoga mat can be a great way to help your yogi friend get the most out of his or her yoga practice.

Regardless of the gift you choose, your yoga friends and family will appreciate the thought – and the support!


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