7 Crafty New Uses for Your Old Yoga Mat

Getting rid of your old yoga mat? Here are a few smart and earth-friendly ways to reuse it instead of tossing it in a landfill…

Yoga mats can break down over time and lose their grip or cushioning. If it’s time for a new yoga mat, you may be feeling a little guilty about simply tossing your old one in the trash to take up space in a landfill somewhere.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to reuse your old yoga mat that are more eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) than throwing it out!  Not only will you be doing your part to reduce waste, but you can also save money on other home and garden items by using your old yoga mat instead.

Here are 7 useful ideas for giving your old yoga mat a new life:

Pad Your Pets

If you have pets, your old yoga mat can come in super handy.

Cut a square from your mat and place it under your pets’ food and water bowls—it will prevent them from slipping across the kitchen floor, as well as catch spills and stray kibble.

Use another portion of your old mat to line you sink or tub when bathing pets. The mat will provide traction and make them feel more secure.

An old mat can also come in handy for car rides with pets. Lay it across your back seat to protect the upholstery from muddy paws, sharp nails and nervous bladders.

Grow Your Garden

Gardening can be tough on the knees. Come planting season, use your folded up yoga mat as a kneeling pad. Once you’re done, just give it a quick rinse with the hose and hang over the fence to dry.

For indoor plants, cut circles out of the mat to place under pots—they’ll protect your floor and furniture from leaks.

Make Mouse Pads

Yoga mats are essentially just oversized computer mouse pads. Cut yours up, and voila—you’ll never have to bug IT for a new one again.

Hack the Kitchen

Yoga mats are huge helpers in the kitchen. For a DIY jar opener, simply cut a circle from your mat—the grippy surface is perfectly suited for the job. Use the rest of the mat to create shelf and drawer liners.

Pad Fragile Items

If you’re moving or storing fragile items, an old yoga mat can be a great alternative to wasteful packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Simply cut the amount you need, then wrap it around glassware, lamps and other breakables.

Line Your Trunk

Tired of coming home from the grocery store and realizing your bags spilled all over the car? Simply line your trunk with an old yoga mat, and the sticky surface will keep bags in place. (It’s also great for protecting your trunk from muddy soccer cleats and sandy beach toys.)

Anchor Your Rug

With their grippy surfaces, yoga mats are great at providing traction to slippery hands—and, as it turns out, to rugs. When yours is too worn to use at the studio, slip it under the carpet for a DIY rug mat.

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