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[Pose Of the Week] Reverse Table Top Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / September 30, 2022

Stretch & strengthen your entire body, improve balance & posture, & more in Reverse Table Top Pose… Reverse Table Top Pose (Ardha Purvottanasana) – also known as Tabletop Pose, Half Reverse Plank Pose, or Crab Pose – is a beginner-level yoga pose that’s particularly great to do after sitting in a car or at a […]


7 Yoga Poses That Stretch Your Psoas Muscles

By Rose S. / September 26, 2022

Try these yoga poses to help stretch the psoas muscles & prevent pain & stiffness… While you may not be familiar with the iliopsoas muscle (psoas for short) unless you’ve been in therapy for hip or back pain, it is a very important muscle to keep in good working order. This small but powerful muscle […]


[Pose Of the Week] Stabilize In Table Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / September 16, 2022

Stabilize your entire body in Table Pose… Table Pose (Bharmanasana) – also known as Table Top Pose, All-Fours Pose, or Quadriped Pose – is a foundational yoga pose that is the starting point for many other yoga poses, and is also often used as a transitional pose during floor sequences. This grounding pose helps to […]


[Pose Of the Week] Straight Angle Pose (Advanced)

By Rose S. / September 2, 2022

Open the hips, stretch the legs, and strengthen the core and spinal muscles with Straight Angle Pose… Straight Angle Pose (Samakonasana) – also known as Double Splits Pose – is an advanced version of Seated Straddle Pose. This challenging pose is most often included in Ashtanga or Yin Yoga sequences. An extreme hip-opening pose, this […]


[Pose Of the Week] Standing Locust Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / August 19, 2022

Stretch & release your back, shoulders, core, and more in Standing Locust Pose… Standing Locust Pose (Baddha Hasta Utthita Stiti Salabhasana) – also known as Rising Locust Pose or Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose – is a beginner-level standing yoga pose that offers a gentle stretch for the spine and back muscles. It also stretches […]


[Pose Of the Week] Bound Half-Lotus Forward Bend Pose (Advanced)

By Rose S. / August 5, 2022

Stretch your legs, hips, spine, and more as you calm your mind & energize your body in Bound Half-Lotus Forward Bend Pose… Bound Half-Lotus Forward Bend Pose (Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana) is an advanced-level yoga pose that provides a deep stretch for the calves, hamstrings, groin, inner thighs, hips, and lower back. This pose may also […]


[Pose Of the Week] One-Handed Tiger Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / June 24, 2022

Get a great stretch, strengthen your core, challenge your balance & more in One-Handed Tiger Pose… One-Handed Tiger Pose (Eka Hasta Vyaghrasana) is a slightly more challenging version of Tiger Pose that works on balance while providing a great stretch for the quadriceps, hip flexors, chest and shoulders. It also improves spinal mobility, strengthens the […]


[Pose Of the Week] Rooster In Lotus Pose (Advanced)

By Rose S. / June 10, 2022

Challenge your flexibility, strength & balance with Rooster In Lotus Pose… Rooster in Lotus Pose (Padma Kukkutasana) – also known as Rooster Pose – is a challenging yoga pose that builds upper body strength in the arms, shoulders, wrists, and core. It also improves flexibility in the hips and legs, while improving balance and focus. […]


[Pose Of the Week] Half Revolved Belly Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / May 27, 2022

Gently stretch your shoulders, relieve back pain, and more with Half Revolved Belly Pose… Half Revolved Belly Pose (Ardha Jathara Parivartanasana) – also known as Supine Spinal Twist A or Belly Twist Pose – is a supine twist pose that offers a great stretch for the arms, shoulders, lower back, abdomen, and more. This gentle […]


[Pose Of the Week] Standing Head-to-Knee Pose (Advanced)

By Rose S. / May 13, 2022

Stretch, strengthen, and improve your balance in Standing Head-to-Knee Pose… Standing Head-to-Knee Pose (Dandayamana Janushirasana) is a challenging balance pose that improves flexibility, strength, focus, and balance. This poses stretches the legs, arms, shoulders, back, and hips, while strengthening the back, core, and legs. It is also thought to improve digestion, build mental focus, and […]

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