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[Pose Of the Week] Supported Side-Lying Corpse Pose

By Rose S. / October 1, 2021

Relax fully and completely in Supported Side-Lying Corpse Pose… Supported Side-Lying Corpse Pose (Parsva Savasana) – also known as Side-Lying Savasana, Side-Lying Relaxation Pose, or Supported Fetal Pose – is a restorative yoga pose that is great for relaxing fully. This is a great alternative for regular Corpse Pose, and can be especially good for […]


[Pose Of the Week] Get Centered & Strong with Swan Pose (Intermediate)

By Rose S. / September 24, 2021

Build focus, calm your mind, and strengthen your core, upper body, and more in Swan Pose… Swan Pose (Hamsasana) is an intermediate-level yoga pose that requires plenty of arm and shoulder strength. This pose can be considered a variation of Plank Pose, and is often used to prepare the body for the more advanced Peacock […]


[Pose Of the Week] Stretch & Open In Half Pyramid Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / September 17, 2021

Stretch the legs, calm the mind, and open your higher chakras with Half Pyramid Pose… Half Pyramid Pose (Ardha Parsvottanasana) is one of several modified versions of Pyramid Pose. This variation offers the same soothing effects of the full Pyramid, and also is believed to enhance intuition and communication, activate the third eye and crown […]


[Pose Of the Week] Launch Yourself In Airplane Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / September 10, 2021

Find your balance as you launch into Airplane Pose – a great pose for strength, stability, and focus… Airplane Pose (Dekasana) is a beginner-to-intermediate level pose that helps to strengthen the spine, legs, and core, creating stability throughout the body and improving balance and posture. Some students may find this pose a bit easier than […]


[Pose Of the Week] Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose (Advanced)

By Rose S. / September 3, 2021

Build strength & stability & stimulate the throat chakra for clear communication with Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose… Half-Lotus in Shoulder Stand Pose (Ardha Padma Sarvangasana) is an intermediate-to-advanced yoga pose that provides a challenge to both balance and strength, while stimulating the throat chakra. This pose helps to improve circulation, strengthens the spine, shoulders, […]


[Pose Of the Week] Open Your Heart in Standing Yoga Seal Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / August 27, 2021

Release the back, shoulders, and neck and open the heart chakra in Standing Yoga Seal Pose… Standing Yoga Seal Pose (Dandayamana Mudrasana) – also known as Standing Seal Pose or Standing Yoga Mudra Pose – offers a great stretch for the arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and upper back, and is a good pose for those […]


[Pose Of the Week] Fly Away From Back Pain In Superman Pose (Intermediate)

By Rose S. / August 20, 2021

Strengthen your back, improve posture, reduce stress, and more with Superman Pose! Superman Pose (Viparita Shalabhasana) is often confused with Reverse Locust Pose or Flying Locust Pose, as it shares the same Sanskrit name. However, this pose is a more beginner-to-intermediate level version that will help you build the back strength necessary to tackle the […]


[Pose Of the Week] Rest & Stretch In Folded Butterfly Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / August 13, 2021

Stretch your back and hips, release tension, and stimulate your lower chakras with Folded Butterfly Pose… Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana) – also known as Bound Angle Pose or Cobbler’s Pose – offers a great stretch for the hips and inner thighs – but to take it even further, you can transition into Folded Butterfly. Folded […]


[Pose Of the Week] Reverse Locust Pose (Advanced)

By Rose S. / August 6, 2021

Stretch and strengthen your spine with the challenging Reverse Locust Pose… Reverse Locust Pose (Viparita Shalabhasana) – also known as Flying Locust Pose or Inverted Locust Pose – is an advanced-level yoga pose that helps to strengthen the entire body while improving balance, focus, and stability. This pose challenges the balance while stretching the spine […]


[Pose Of the Week] Ease Back & Hip Pain with Seated Swan Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / July 30, 2021

Stretch your hips, relieve back pain and tech neck, and more in Seated Swan Pose… Seated Swan Pose – also sometimes known as Sitting Swan Pose, Seated Figure 4 Pose, Seated Square Pose, or Reverse Pigeon Pose in various variations – offers a wonderful hip stretch, and is great for relieving hip and lower back […]

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