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[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Full-Body Aerial Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / October 13, 2021

Enjoy this 20-minute home aerial yoga class for a quick full-body workout! Trying out aerial yoga at home? Here’s a short class that focuses on flow and concentration, while engaging your entire body from head to toe. This 20-minute class is great for those days when you are short on time, or it can also […]


[Weekly Workout] 35-Minute Uplifting Prana Vinyasa Flow

By Rose S. / October 6, 2021

Tap into your sacred life force & live life to the fullest with this prana-enhancing yoga flow! This prana-enhancing yoga flow is all about increasing your prana (life force) to help improve your life balance. Elevating your prana can help you to appreciate life in the present moment and experience more joy and gratitude in […]


[Weekly Workout] 1-Hour Yin Yoga with A Bolster

By Rose S. / September 29, 2021

Rest, relax, and restore with this supportive 1-hour Yin yoga practice… As we mentioned in our previous post, bolsters are most often used in restorative and Yin yoga classes, although they can be used in many other yoga classes as well. This one-hour Yin yoga class shares a number of different ways to use a […]


[Weekly Workout] 25-Minute Chakra Balancing Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / September 22, 2021

Cleanse, open, & balance all of your chakras with this 25-minute chakra-balancing flow! Cleanse your chakras from root to crown with this quick 25-minute yoga flow! This chakra balancing class addresses each energy center in turn using intentional movement and breath, mindful awareness, and mind-body connection techniques. This empowering class will leave you feeling, cleansed, […]


[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Crown Chakra Balancing Flow

By Rose S. / September 15, 2021

Align your mind, body, and soul with this Crown chakra balancing flow! Connect to your higher self through this advanced yoga sequence for the Crown chakra. The crown chakra is associated with inner wisdom and connection to the divine. Inversion poses and those that encourage deep thought or meditation are often helpful for this energy […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Yoga to Open the Throat Chakra

By Rose S. / September 1, 2021

Cleanse and open your Throat chakra with this gentle 20-minute flow! Having trouble expressing yourself or sharing your unique story and gifts with the world? Your throat chakra may be blocked. Join us for this 20-minute yoga flow to cleanse and open your throat chakra, release tension from your upper body, neck, and jaw, relax […]


[Weekly Workout] Heart Chakra Yoga for Beginners

By Rose S. / August 25, 2021

Open your heart center and harmonize your heart and mind with this lovely heart chakra flow! This 24-minute practice will help you to connect your body, heart, and mind as you move through a sequence designed to open and balance your heart chakra. This a-home yoga flow is suitable for all experience, levels, and it’s […]


[Weekly Workout] Navel/Solar Plexus Chakra Flow for Inner Power

By Rose S. / August 18, 2021

Activate your power center with this navel chakra flow… The navel or solar plexus chakra relates to inner power, confidence, and self-esteem, and that’s what this week’s yoga workout focuses on. This 45-minute intermediate-level class is designed to help you balance this energetic center with a focus on your physical center. You’ll strengthen your abdominal […]


[Weekly Workout] Sacral Chakra Yoga Flow for Creativitity

By Rose S. / August 11, 2021

Embrace your inner creativity, release creative blocks and unhealthy addictions, and free yourself with this 35-minute sacral chakra flow! In this week’s class, we’re focusing on the 2nd chakra or the Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana). This chakra is specifically associated with creativity and joy, and opening up this chakra can help you to tap into your […]

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