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[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Yoga Flow to Balance the Gunas

By Rose S. / June 22, 2022

Get in touch with the energies of the universe through this yoga flow to help balance the gunas… Explore the subtle energies of the three primary gunas with this 20-minute flow. This class will move your energy through each phase of the 3 gunas – passion, inertia, and peace. This session will help you experience […]


Understanding the 3 Gunas

By Rose S. / June 20, 2022

Understanding the three gunas can help you gain control of negative thoughts & achieve balance & peace. Here’s a helpful introduction… When it comes to yoga philosophy, yoga recognizes three different qualities or types of energy, called gunas – a Sanskrit word meaning “quality, attribute, or tendency”. These three primary qualities make up all of […]


The Three Parts of Yogic Breathing for A Calm & Steady Mind

By Rose S. / May 9, 2022

Increase calm & focus, relieve stress & anxiety, & more with yogic breathing. Here are the 3 steps you’ll need to learn… You probably already know that many forms of yoga focus a lot on the breath. But breathing in a certain rhythm with each movement during a yoga class is just the beginning. In […]


What Is a Yogi?

By Rose S. / April 11, 2022

What is a yogi? Let’s find out… You probably hear the term “yogi” thrown around a lot these days, from websites and blogs (including this one, I’ll admit), to yoga classes (“Hey yogis! Welcome to today’s class!”) – but what exactly IS a yogi anyway? According to, “a yogi is someone who is committed […]


7 Tips for Starting A Meditation Practice

By Rose S. / March 14, 2022

Want to try meditation, but not sure it will work for you? Try these 7 simple tips for starting a meditation practice that works for your life… Meditation can be an extremely valuable practice –  not just for your mental health, but also for your physical health and your relationships as well. However, many people […]


11 Sanskrit Words All Yogis Should Know

By Rose S. / February 21, 2022

You don’t need to learn Sanskrit to practice yoga, but an understanding of these 11 important Sanskrit words may enhance your practice… Did you know that the practice of yoga was originally an oral tradition? In fact, yoga instructions were traditionally passed on from teacher to student via the common language of ancient India called […]


New Year Intentions for Every Zodiac Sign

By Rose S. / January 10, 2022

Kick off the New Year by setting an intention for personal growth & progress in the year ahead! Here are some New Year intentions to consider, based on your zodiac sign… The start of a new year is the perfect time to honor the past, while looking forward to the future. As the new year […]


3 New Year’s Resolutions Yoga Can Actually Help You Keep

By Rose S. / January 3, 2022

Empower and strengthen your New Year’s resolutions for success with these 2 simple yogic practices… Did you know that only 9% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions? However, you can give yours an extra boost this year with the help of some traditional yogic practices. Mantras and mala beads are two simple methods […]


3 Ways to Find Inner Peace During the Holidays

By Rose S. / December 13, 2021

Try these quick & simple mindfulness tips to tap into your inner peace & get more joy from the holiday season… While peace and joy may be common messages during the holiday season, many of us feel anything but this time of year! Stress and conflict can be magnified during the holidays, whether it be […]


3 Ways to Maintain Your Yoga Practice During the Holidays

By Rose S. / December 6, 2021

Maintaining your yoga practice during the holiday season can be challenging. Here are a few ways to reap the benefits of yoga all season long… As busy and hectic as the holiday season can be, yoga can be of great help in keeping us sane and grounded! While it may feel difficult to maintain a […]

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