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The Path of Bhakti Yoga: Living With Love & Devotion

By Rose S. / August 17, 2020

Exploring the Bhakti path of love & devotion to find deeper meaning in life is simpler than you think… As we embark upon the yogic pathways, it is important to examine the reasons why we are seeking in the first place. The main issue, according to the Bhakti yoga path, is that we are disconnected […]


The Path of Karma Yoga: Acting with Selfless Service

By Rose S. / July 27, 2020

Learn to let go of self-interest and embrace your divine nature with the path of Karma yoga… According the ancient spiritual philosophy of yoga, there are 4 philosophical pathways to a yogic lifestyle of peace and enlightenment. Today we will explore the pathway of Karma Yoga, or the yoga pathway of action and selfless service. […]


An Introduction to the 4 Paths of Yoga

By Rose S. / May 25, 2020

According to ancient tradition, following the 4 paths of yoga can lead to a life of wholeness and freedom from suffering… According to Vedanta, the ancient yogic scriptures, there are 4 philosophical paths of yoga. Following these paths throughout your life is thought to lead to a life free from suffering. The suffering in our […]


Using the Udana Vayu Prana In Your Yoga Practice

By Rose S. / May 18, 2020

Enhance your yoga practice with the 5 prana vayus. Here’s a brief introduction to working with Udana vayu… If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you’ve probably been introduced to some form of pranayama – or yogic breath practice. While there isn’t always a lot of emphasis placed on breath techniques in the Western […]

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