Chaturanga Pose: Do It Right To Avoid Injury

Here’s the right way to do chaturanga pose in order to maximize the strength-building benefits of the pose and help avoid injury.

While yoga is an individual practice, and everyone should practice at their own level, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a correct way to do each pose. In fact, for some poses such as chaturanga dandasana (often known as “chaturanga push ups”), doing them incorrectly could even cause injury.

The quick video below shows the proper way to do chaturanga, a foundational yoga pose that helps build strength in your arms, shoulders, and core muscles, and prepare you for more advanced yoga strength poses such as arm balances. This is not an easy pose, so if you need to, be sure to modify by doing these on your knees until you are strong enough to do the full version.

Watch this video to learn how to correct any mistakes you may be making with chaturanga pose:

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