Could Yoga Be the Solution to Your Back Pain?

Back pain is the most common pain condition in the U.S.. Here’s why a regular yoga practice may provide relief…

One of the most common complaints that people seek help for from their medical practitioner is back pain. The majority of people in America have suffered from back pain at some stage in their life.

However, many doctors estimate that over 80% of chronic back pain is actually caused by weak muscles and lack of spinal support, and resulting poor posture, muscle tension, and muscular imbalances, rather than any particular injury or medical disorder.

This is why yoga is so helpful for treating back pain. Not only does it help to strengthen the back, the core and abdominal muscles, and all the other muscles that support the spine and keep it healthy, but it also helps to stretch tight muscles, and improve posture and flexibility. Participating in a regular yoga practice may not only help to reduce existing back pain, but it may also help to prevent future recurrences or injuries.

Of course, if you currently suffer from back pain, be sure that you consult your doctor before beginning yoga just to make sure there aren’t any other factors that could be causing your pain. For example, a herniated disk is something that will require professional advice and perhaps treatment, and doing yoga with a herniated disk could cause more problems if you aren’t careful.

Most basic yoga exercises – even at the beginner level – will begin to help strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and may start to relieve your pain. However, if you are already suffering from back pain, you will want to be careful not to push yourself too hard and aggravate any existing inflammation or injury. Be sure to listen to your body and modify poses as needed to operate within your own range of movement until you can release some of the tension and stiffness without causing any further inflammation.

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