Here’s Why You Should Do Yoga Outdoors

Break out of the box, and try doing yoga outdoors to add something special to your practice!

We live in an indoor world these days, often spending hours on end without ever seeing the sun or breathing fresh air. Even our yoga practice is usually done in an indoor yoga studio, under artificial lighting, or at home in a closed-in space.

Taking your yoga practice outdoors can bring a whole new dimension to your practice. This simple change can re-awaken you to the wonders of the natural world, and help you feel more grounded and connected to the spiritual side of your surroundings – and yourself.

If you’ve been feeling a bit “stale” or unmotivated with your yoga routine lately, try doing yoga outdoors and see what a difference it makes!

Here’s what says about doing yoga outdoors:

Think about how amazing your favorite class would be if it were taught in the exact same way but outside in the sunshine on the green grass, or first thing in the morning, outside on a rooftop, as the world is waking up. When we take the time to practice outside—that’s where the growth happens and the connections deepen.

As living and breathing organisms, we need sunlight and fresh air to grow. We need real-life inspiration and experiences, and that goes for our practice as well. So break the routine, bust out of the box, and move your mat outside to feel the shift. Going outside recharges the mind, rejuvenates the body, and inspires life.

There is no posture you can do inside that will make you feel as good as saluting the sun at sunrise, or taking a tree pose surrounded by an army of oaks. When we get a chance to really connect to what’s real, we start to feel so much more, and this is the real power of the practice.

So when you can, go outside. See something; smell something. Go outside and live. I guarantee you’ll feel more inside every time you step onto the mat.


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