How to Boost Your Energy with Bhastrika Breath

This simple yoga breath practice will kick-start your energy fast, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way! Learn how to do Bhastrika Breath here…

Whenever you feel sluggish or low energy, think about trading your typical cup of coffee for a revitalizing yoga breathing exercise! Bhastrika, or “Bellows Breath,” is a traditional breathing exercise in yoga that helps to increase Prana or energy throughout your body. It’s typically utilized to stimulate the body and clarify the mind. If you feel hazy or sluggish, Bhastrika can help clear the clouds away quickly! This simple switch can help you naturally feel more alert and energized, without the “jitters” or caffeine crash.

Bellows breathing is also a good practice to consider if you’re trying to lose weight. Carrying out a few rounds throughout the day may help to assist with digestion and increase your metabolism.

Keep in mind that it’s generally not a good idea to practice Bellows Breathing right before bed, as its energizing effects may make it harder to go to sleep. However, if you need a quick energy boost in the morning or throughout the day, give it a try!

How to Practice Bellows Breath

  1. Stay up tall, relax your shoulders, and take a couple of deep, breaths in and out through your nose. With each inhale, expand your belly totally as you breathe.
  2. Begin exhaling powerfully through your nose.
  3. Then, inhale strongly, and repeat at the rate of one second per cycle.
  4. Make certain the breath is coming from your diaphragm; keep your head, neck, shoulders, and chest still while your belly moves in and out.

For your first cycle, do a round of 10 Bhastrika breaths, then take a break and breathe naturally, observing the feelings in your body and mind. After a 15- to 30-second break, begin the next round with 20 breaths. Lastly, after pausing for another 30 seconds, finish with a 3rd round of 30 Bellows breaths.

Be sure to pay attention to your body while practicing this technique. Bellows breathing is usually safe; however, if you begin feeling dizzy or lightheaded, take a break for a couple of minutes and breathe normally. Once you feel centered, you can attempt another round of bellows breathing at a slower speed and with less intensity.

When to Do Bellows Breath

You may wish to start your day with a rejuvenating round of Bhastrika to energize your body and mind and prepare you for the day ahead.

You can also use Bellows Breath to snap you out of that dreaded midday slump. If you’re feeling sleepy or sluggish after lunch or in the middle of the day, find a quiet corner of your office and practice a few rounds of Bellows breathing for a pick-me-up even better than espresso!

Getting ready for a run, yoga class, or other form of exercise? Take a few minutes to practice Bellows breathing before putting on your shoes or unrolling your mat. This easy technique will warm you up physically and prepare you for your workout.

When NOT to Do Bellows Breath

Do not practice Bhastrika if you’re pregnant, or have unchecked hypertension, epilepsy, seizures, or suffer from panic attacks. You should also avoid practicing Bellows breath on a full stomach. Wait at least 2 hours after eating before you practice this technique.

Next time you’re feeling spacey, tired, or lacking in energy, give Bhastrika Breath a try and see how it works for you!



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