How to Cultivate A Yoga Mindset In Your Everyday Life

Do you hate leaving the calm, peaceful yoga mindset behind when you leave your yoga class? Now you don’t have to! Here’s how you can carry it with you every day.

You probably know that regular practice of yoga can bring you to a state of peaceful calm, and help you release the stresses of your daily life.

But this effect doesn’t have to end when you leave yoga class! With some dedication and practice, you can bring the peaceful yoga mindset into your everyday life and reap the benefits – in life as well as your yoga practice.

Here are a few simple things you can do to cultivate a yoga mindset outside of the yoga studio:

1. Start practicing before you get to class.

No matter what style of yoga we practice…the very first step is the same for all of us: reform behavior. We can’t continue harmful habits and expect our yoga practice to achieve lasting results… For yoga to last, we have to…begin letting go of unhealthy food, harmful emotions, and un-yogi-like thinking.

2. Become familiar with the basics of yoga philosophy.

You don’t have to take courses in Sanskrit to develop a working knowledge of yoga philosophy. An occasional class taught by a qualified instructor, will give you the tools for reforming habits and maximizing your yoga practice. The basic teaching is that you are not the body; you are the immortal self (atma) inside the body. This one basic point of yoga philosophy can transform your practice into something permanently useful… Study texts that illuminate our deeper identity as the perfect, beautiful, immortal self that animates our body with consciousness. Get to know that real, permanent you, and yoga takes on a whole other meaning.

3. Find a mantra and use it throughout the day.


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