[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Energizing Arm Balance Flow

30-minute arm balance flow yoga video

Build upper body strength, balance, and control through this 30-minute arm balance flow… Work your way up into Crow Pose with this intermediate-level practice that’s all about developing internal focus and balance. You’ll strengthen and heat your core and upper body as you move towards mastering Bakasana through the repetition of foundational poses that will […]

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What Is a Yogi?

What is a yogi?

What is a yogi? Let’s find out… You probably hear the term “yogi” thrown around a lot these days, from websites and blogs (including this one, I’ll admit), to yoga classes (“Hey yogis! Welcome to today’s class!”) – but what exactly IS a yogi anyway? According to YogaBasics.com, “a yogi is someone who is committed […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Revolved Knee-to-Head IV Pose (Advanced)

Revolved Knee-to-Head Pose IV

Challenge yourself with an intense leg stretch in Revolved Knee-to-Head IV Pose… Revolved Knee-to-Head Pose IV (Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana IV) is a variation on Revolved Knee-to-Head Pose that offers an advanced stretch for both the shoulders and the quadriceps. This pose is a seated twist that stimulates the digestive organs, kidneys, and abdomen, while also […]

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[Pose Of the Week] Balancing Stick Pose (Intermediate)

Balancing stick pose yoga tutorial

Stretch, strengthen, & stimulate cardiovascular health in Balancing Stick Pose. Balancing Stick Pose (Tuladandasana) – also known as One-Legged Pose, Flying Warrior Pose, or Balancing Staff Pose – is a variation on Warrior III Pose. This intermediate-level standing pose can be more challenging than it looks, as it requires focus, concentration, strength, and balance. This […]

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