[Pose Of the Week] Fly Away From Back Pain In Superman Pose (Intermediate)

Superman Pose tutorial

Strengthen your back, improve posture, reduce stress, and more with Superman Pose! Superman Pose (Viparita Shalabhasana) is often confused with Reverse Locust Pose or Flying Locust Pose, as it shares the same Sanskrit name. However, this pose is a more beginner-to-intermediate level version that will help you build the back strength necessary to tackle the […]

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[Weekly Workout] Navel/Solar Plexus Chakra Flow for Inner Power

Navel chakra yoga class video

Activate your power center with this navel chakra flow… The navel or solar plexus chakra relates to inner power, confidence, and self-esteem, and that’s what this week’s yoga workout focuses on. This 45-minute intermediate-level class is designed to help you balance this energetic center with a focus on your physical center. You’ll strengthen your abdominal […]

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[Weekly Workout] Sacral Chakra Yoga Flow for Creativitity

Sacral chakra flow yoga video

Embrace your inner creativity, release creative blocks and unhealthy addictions, and free yourself with this 35-minute sacral chakra flow! In this week’s class, we’re focusing on the 2nd chakra or the Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana). This chakra is specifically associated with creativity and joy, and opening up this chakra can help you to tap into your […]

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