[Pose Of the Week] Challenge Yourself with Bound Standing Split Pose (Advanced)

Balance, stretch, and strengthen with Bound Standing Split Pose – an advanced inverted balance pose…

Bound Standing Split Pose (Baddha Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana) – the bound version of Standing Splits Pose – is a challenging advanced-level yoga pose that helps you learn both mental and physical balance. This pose strengthens the core and legs, stretches the hamstrings, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles, and is believed to massage and stimulate the internal organs including the liver and kidneys. As an inversion pose, it also may help to improve digestion, and as with most balance poses, it helps to calm the mind and improve focus and concentration.

To modify the pose, you may rest your lowered hand on a block or multiple blocks. If you are not able to hold your raised ankle with your other hand at first to bind the pose, you can also hold the ankle of the standing leg with the corresponding hand and simply keep your raised leg bent

Those with back, knee, or ankle injuries or pain should avoid this pose.

How to Do Bound Standing Split Pose:

1. Begin in Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward Dog.
2. Inhale and lift your right leg up. Point your toes towards the ceiling and keep your knees straight.
3. Exhale and come into Ashwa Sanchalanasana / Runner’s pose.
4. Bring your torso to your right thigh and move your palms slightly forward.
5. Inhale and slowly lift your left leg off the floor while straightening your right leg. (Try not to rotate or swing your body to your right side. Don’t worry if your left leg doesn’t go too high. Focus on stretching your body while maintaining balance.)
6. Exhale and try to touch your forehead to your right shin.
7. Slowly bend your left knee and reach your right hand behind your back to hold your left ankle. Balance on your left hand and right leg. (See picture here.)
8. You can choose to stay here, or move into the full pose by rooting your standing leg into the earth and wrapping your left arm up and around your lower back to clasp your right hand. Slowly and carefully straighten your left leg.
8. Stay in this pose for 3 to 6 long breaths.
9. To come out of this pose, slowly release the hands and bring them to the mat. Bring your left leg down and go back to Downward Facing Dog pose.
10. Repeat the pose on the other side for the same amount of time.

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(Image Source: Yogidia.com)


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