[Pose of the Week] How to Do Triangle Pose Right (Beginner)

Here’s how to do Triangle Pose correctly so you can reap all of the awesome mind-body benefits of this amazing yoga pose!

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) is a wonderfully beneficial pose for yogis of all levels. It does a whole lot of things all at once – stretching your hamstrings, legs, groin, and hips, while strengthening your back, legs, and core at the same time.

It is a balancing, strengthening, and expansion pose all at once time – something that few other yoga poses can boast. According to Yoga Journal, the pose also helps to steady your mind and help you feel grounded and centered mentally as well as physically.

The quick “60-second fix” video below shares 4 tips for making sure you are doing Triangle pose correctly, and shows you how to fix common errors, so that you can reap all of the mind and body benefits of this awesome yoga pose. (See full instructions for the pose here.)



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