[Pose Of the Week] Twist & Turn In Half Lord-of-the-Fishes II Pose (Intermediate)

Ready for a challenge? Try an intense twist and bind in Half Lord-of-the-Fishes II Pose – an intermediate-advanced yoga twist with a shoulder-opening bind…

Getting twisted and bound may sound like a scene from 50 Shades of Grey, but more advanced yogis will recognize this formidable pose as one of the most challenging twists combined with one of the most difficult binds in yoga. Half Lord-of-the Fishes II Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana II) may not look too complicated (after all, it doesn’t involve balancing with your legs over your head, or bending into a pretzel-like posture), but it is actually a very challenging pose to attain. Be sure that you warm up very well – especially in your shoulders and back – and perform plenty of twists before attempting this one.

This pose provides an intense stretch for the arms, shoulders, and lower back as well as the hips and psoas muscles. It also improves the posture, tones and strengthens the abs and obliques, and improves shoulder flexibility. As with other yoga twists, this one helps to realign the spine, and may also aid digestion and detoxification, balance insulin, relieve menstrual discomfort, release negative thoughts and emotions, and stimulate the heart chakra.

Those with existing hip, shoulder, spine, or knee injuries – or women who are pregnant – should avoid this pose.

How to do Half Lord of the Fishes 2 Pose:

1. Begin in Dandasana / Staff Pose.

2. Bend your left knee and place your foot on your right thigh in half Lotus Pose. Press your left knee to the floor.

3. Exhale and twist your torso to your right side. Reach your right arm behind your back and grab your left shin bone with your right hand.

4. Inhale and straighten your spine.

5. Exhale and bend your torso forward to grab your right foot with your right hand.

6. Inhale and straighten your spine.

7. Turn your head to look over your left shoulder.

8. Stay in this pose for 6 long breaths.

To come out of this pose, release your feet and sit in Dandasana / Staff Pose.

Repeat the sequence on the opposite side for the same amount of time.

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