[Pose of the Week] Mastering Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Beginner)

Four-Limbed Staff Pose (also known as Chaturanga Dandasana) is a foundational yoga pose to build strength throughout the body. Here’s how to do it right…

Chaturanga Dandasana – or Four-Limbed Staff Pose, is a basic yoga pose that helps to strengthen your back, glutes, arms, shoulders, and more. It also helps you to build a strong core, and teaches you how to activate your legs in arm-balance poses.

This is a foundational yoga pose that helps prepare your body for many other yoga poses such as arm balances and inversions.

The quick video below shares step-by-step instructions and a demonstration of how to do Chaturanga Dandasana, including mistakes to avoid, and modifications if the full version is a bit too difficult at first.


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