Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat Review: What Makes These Yoga Mats Different?

Looking for a good yoga mat? If you care about a great yoga practice, as well as a healthy planet, you can’t go wrong with the eco-friendly Gaiam Premium Print yoga mat…

One of my favorite things about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, since you don’t need any equipment other than a yoga mat! That said, a good yoga mat is a must, and yoga mats can vary in a number of ways. Some of the best mats are made by Gaiam, and their line of Print Premium Yoga Mats are particularly highly rated by users. Lightweight but durable, the Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat is perfect for both beginner and veteran practitioners of this ancient mystic and physical exercise.

These mats are attractively priced and offered in your choice of a number of different print patterns which promote meditation and self-examination. Extremely portable and easy to clean, these particular yoga mats are perfect for home or studio use, and the slim but compact profile provides joint comfort and support on even the hardest surfaces. Here is a bit more information about these environmentally friendly yoga mats:

Key Elements of the Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mats

  • Free of dangerous Phthalates like DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP
  • Built to the prescribed thickness (5 mm) that veteran yoga practitioners prefer
  • Textured non-slip surface is safe and secure
  • Specially designed patterns promote perfect poses

What Makes the Gaiam Premium Yoga Mats a Good Buy?

The company has painstakingly created different patterns on their mats that actually remind you where to put your hands and feet so that you can achieve perfect form.

Priced affordably enough to merit purchasing multiple units, these mats are comfortable and sturdy enough to support any yoga positions, from Bikram triangle to the warrior pose, and from downward facing dog to side plank.

You need a stable, non-slip surface for your yoga practice, and these mats fit the bill. However, they are also totally free of the six most harmful phthalates which are frequently found in some cheaply made and manufactured yoga mats.

The Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mats are also latex-free, making a healthy and environmentally conscious purchase for both you and your planet!

Gaiam (a combination of Gaia, the ancient Crete name for Mother Earth, and I am) is known as a company that promotes self-responsibility for living a life aware of our impact on the environment, as well as healthy living for yourself and the Earth.

And they only use elements in the construction of their products that promote the sustainability of the planet’s resources.

Purchasing one or more of the Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats will appeal to Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) participants, as well as any environmentally conscious yoga practitioners looking for a premium quality mat at an attractive price. A smart buy for many beneficial reasons, these durable and long-lasting mats will improve and support your yoga practice for many years to come!

You can find these top-quality yoga mats on and other online retailers.


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