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[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Full-Body Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / May 11, 2022

Get ready to warm up, move, stretch, and burn some calories with this 30-minute Vinyasa power yoga flow! Vinyasa yoga is often called “power yoga” because of its relatively rapid, flowing movements, each of which smoothly transition into the next pose with just one breath. Unlike some other, more structured forms of yoga such as […]


[Weekly Workout] New Year Yoga Journey – Week 7: Power

By Rose S. / February 23, 2022

Recognize & celebrate your inner power with this empowering yoga flow… Power up this week with this 30-minute yoga session! As we near the end of our New Year yoga journey, we’ll move through a practice designed to help you find and tap into your personal power. This all-levels class will guide you within and […]


[Weekly Workout] New Year Yoga Journey – Week 3: Flow

By Rose S. / January 19, 2022

Move, breathe, and go with the flow in this 30-minute yoga practice… Welcome back to your New Year yoga journey! This week we’re focusing on FLOW. This 30-minute practice combines breath and movement to guide you into a state of balance and flow. All you need to do is get on your mat, trust the […]