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[Weekly Workout] 40-Minute Vata-Balancing Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / October 20, 2021

Balance your Vata energy & welcome the change of seasons with this 40-minute grounding yoga flow! Autumn is the season of change, which may bring about some imbalances for our bodies and minds. The Ayurvedic tradition teaches us that fall is the season of Vata – cool, dry, airy, and mobile. To avoid becoming “overly […]


[Weekly Workout] Center Yourself with this Grounding Fall Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / November 4, 2020

Enjoy deep stretches, hip openers, and strong, grounded poses in this short fall yoga flow class… Bring your body and mind together and ground yourself in preparation for the season of rest with this grounding fall yoga flow. Fall is a time of transition, and it is important to not only reflect on the passing […]