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14 Top Benefits of Yoga for Kids

By Rose S. / October 19, 2020

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from yoga! Here are 14 amazing benefits of yoga for kids that you may not be aware of… Most people think of yoga as an adult pastime, but in fact, while it does have many benefits for adults – both men and women – yoga can also […]


[Weekly Workout] 12-Minute Yoga with Kids

By Rose S. / June 24, 2020

This 12-minute yoga with kids class is a great way to involve your kids in your yoga practice and give them a fun way to get some healthy exercise! Doing yoga at home can seem especially challenging with kids running around all the time. But why not include them in the fun, and bring your […]


Why Today’s Kids Need Yoga

By Rose S. / May 27, 2019

Yoga isn’t just beneficial for adults – it’s also great for kids! Here are just a few reasons why children today need yoga more than ever before… We adults often think of childhood as an innocent and carefree age, but in today’s world, kids face almost as many pressures as adults. Modern children are faced […]


One Important Mental Benefit of Yoga for Children

By / July 10, 2017

Yoga has some amazing mental benefits for children – here’s why yours should consider making yoga a regular part of play time! Yoga isn’t just for adults – in fact, it can be practiced by anyone of any age, and even children can see great benefits from participating in a regular yoga practice! Besides keeping […]