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Should Men Do Yoga?

By Rose S. / September 7, 2020

It seems like such a female-dominated activity, but should men do yoga as well? While that may seem like a weird question at first, when you think about it, the majority of yoga photos we see in the Western world today are of women doing yoga, or women modelling yoga clothes and accessories in commercials, […]


3 Tips for Men Starting Yoga Classes

By Rose S. / June 24, 2019

Walking into a yoga class full of women can be intimidating. Here are a few tips for men starting yoga to get you over that initial hump! For some reason, yoga in the Western world is often associated with women, even though it is a practice with many benefits for those of every age and […]


10 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

By / July 23, 2018

Yoga isn’t just for women – guys can benefit too! Here are 10 reasons why men should do yoga… Although yoga has traditionally been practiced by men for thousands of years, for some reason, here in the West yoga is often seen as a “female” form of exercise. However, yoga can have many benefits for […]