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[Pose Of the Week] Rest In Reverse Corpse Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / May 14, 2021

Meet Reverse Corpse Pose, the prone counterpart to the popular rest pose… Corpse Pose appears in just about every yoga class, but what about Reverse Corpse Pose? If you’re not familiar with the prone version, you’re not alone, but this lesser-known pose is still a great pose to include in your yoga practice! Reverse Corpse […]


5 Yin Yoga Poses to Do At Night

By Rose S. / March 8, 2021

Do this sequence of Yin yoga poses before bed to release stress & tension & ready yourself for rest… You probably already know that stress weakens the immune system – and a fully functioning immune system is more important now than ever. There are so many things in the modern world that can stress us […]


[Infographic] 6 Best Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

By Rose S. / September 21, 2020

Try these 6 restorative and relaxing yoga poses to relieve stress throughout your body and mind… One of the most touted benefits of yoga is its ability to relieve stress. While all forms of exercise can help to relieve stress to some extent, yoga is uniquely suited to helping relax both the body and mind. […]


What To Do When You Can’t Relax In Yoga Class

By / September 24, 2018

Feeling stressed and anxious and you just can’t relax? Try these comforting yoga techniques… You know the feeling… You’re sitting in yoga class – or on your mat at home – and you just can’t relax. There are about a billion things running through your mind, and try as you might, it seems impossible to […]


4 Relaxing Yoga Poses to Do With a Friend

By / January 15, 2018

Try these simple yoga poses with a friend for a bonding and relaxing experience. We often think of yoga as a solo activity. Even if we participate in a class with others, we are usually focused on ourselves, and our own process of self-development through the practice. However, there is something to be said for […]


4 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

By / November 20, 2017

Prepare your body and mind for restful sleep with these 4 relaxing yoga poses. After a long day, sometimes all you want is a good night’s sleep – but it can be hard to wind down enough to fall asleep, especially if you have a lot on your mind. Yoga is a great way to […]