The Most Controversial Yoga Pose

Some swear by this controversial yoga pose, while others say to stay away. What do you think?

Though it has been practiced by experienced yogis for thousands of years, in recent times, the yoga headstand has become highly controversial. Some yoga studios have banned the pose from their classes, and many yoga teachers are not even allowed to teach it.

Others say there are many benefits to this unique yoga pose, and that if you teach it correctly, it can be a beautiful and effective pose.

Here are 8 benefits from that have been attributed to this controversial yoga pose:

• Draws plenty of prana (life force) and blood to the heart and brain

• Removes diseases of the intestines and stomach

• Purifies the blood

• Helps to remove diseases of the eye, nose, head, and throat

• Increases the digestive fire

• Helps cure diseases of the reproductive organs and sterility

• Energizes the body

• Improves longevity and youthful look.

How do you feel about the yoga headstand? Are you for or against it, and why? Share your opinion in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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