[Video] How to Let Go with Aparigraha

Having trouble relaxing and letting go? This quick video helps you understand the yama of Aparigraha and how it can help you lead a more balanced life…

It’s a phrase you probably hear a lot in yoga classes, but what does “just let go” really mean?

Relaxing and letting go can be a lot more challenging than it sounds, especially if, like many of us, you have a lot on your plate and are used to running non-stop most of the time. Taking a break and letting your mind relax isn’t something that we have a lot of practice with in the Western world.

However, ancient yogis and healers understood the deep wisdom of being able to let go of things that don’t serve you. This concept is embodied by the yogic yama of Aparigraha – the principle of non-gripping or non-greed.

This short video explains the value of Aparigraha in today’s world, and how it can allow you to naturally shed unhealthy attachments and find a place of inner equilibrium:


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