[Weekly Workout] 1-Minute Airplane Yoga Sequence

Try this quick and easy 1-minute airplane yoga sequence while traveling to relieve stress and tension during long flights…

If you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure you take this quick little airplane yoga stretch sequence with you! All that traveling can really take a toll on your body – especially your back, neck, and shoulders. Long flights combined with lugging heavy bags around can cause a lot of stress and tension on your upper body – and those lovely airline seats sure don’t do your back any favors!

This easy little stretch sequence is fast and easy to memorize, and you can do it right in your seat if you want. It’s so simple your seatmates probably won’t even notice, but your body will! It may be simple, but it can help release tight muscles, relieve stress, and boost your energy – all in just a minute or two.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!


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