[Weekly Workout] 10-Minute Mantra Yoga Practice

Try this quick 10-minute Mantra Yoga practice to calm your mind & ground yourself in the present moment…

Enjoy this brief introduction to Mantra Yoga for calm and grounding. This is a great class to help focus and steady the mind, so it’s the perfect choice for when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or scattered. Try doing this one during a break in a busy day to stay centered and grounded, or to help you relax and let go of stress and tension at the end of the day.

This quick class can be done anywhere, as you are welcome to choose your own pose for the meditation – seated, standing, or even reclining with a bolster or pillow. This class features Bhramari breath – also known as Bees Breath – which creates a calming vibration throughout the body.

Now get comfy, and get ready to tune into the calm at your center!


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