[Weekly Workout] 12-Minute Yoga for Peace & Relaxation

Give yourself an escape from your busy, stressful life and take a relaxing yoga break with this 12-minute yoga class for peace and relaxation!

Relax and release with this peaceful 12-minute yoga sequence that will help your body and mind to release tension and negative emotions and find the peace and calm within. This short session will help to build flexibility and release tight muscles in the neck, hips, hamstrings, and more.

Focus on deepening your breath throughout each pose, taking the time to really relax into each posture with each exhale, and feel your body’s response. Get comfortable and adjust as needed to be able to fully relax in each pose.

This gentle and peaceful yoga class is the perfect way to start or end your day – or just unwind and release stress for a few minutes in the midst of a busy day.


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