[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Gentle Yoga for Self-Care & Rejuvenation

Refresh and relax your body and mind with this rejuvenating self-care yoga routine!

This time of year always makes me want to cozy up in front of the fire and reflect on the coming year-end. I tend towards gentle, more rejuvenative yoga practices during the fall and winter, and this week’s practice hits the spot!

This 20-minute practice offers a great opportunity to check in with your mind and body and tend to your physical and mental health. This is a great at-home class to do whenever you are feeling a bit low on energy, but still want to spend some time caring for your physical health and wellbeing.

Whenever you’re a bit tired, under-the-weather, or just wanting to take a few minutes to take care of yourself, this is a great yoga class to bookmark and return to again and again!


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