[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Iyengar Yoga Class for Beginners

Ready to give Iyengar a try? Start out with a beginner Iyengar yoga class like this one…

Iyengar yoga tends to be one of the more challenging forms of yoga, so you will definitely want to be comfortable with easier yoga classes before you tackle Iyengar. However, if you’re ready for a challenge, start off with a beginner Iyengar yoga class like the one below.

It is recommended that you practice first in a live class with a certified Iyengar yoga instructor, but if there are none available in your area, you can also practice at home with videos like this.

This 20-minute yoga sequence is led by experienced Iyengar yoga teachers, and it assumes at least a basic familiarity with yoga poses. Modifications are shown for most poses, so follow along with whichever instructor is working at your level.

Breathe deep, listen to your body, and enjoy!

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