[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Morning Yoga for Energy & Weight Loss

Boost your energy and burn off some fat with this energizing 20-minute morning yoga class.

Join yoga instructor Erica Vetra from Austin, Texas for this short but invigorating 20-minute morning yoga workout to energize your body and mind and burn calories. This routine is suitable for beginners, but intense enough to make you sweat, even if you’re a more intermediate or advanced yoga student!

As we mentioned last week, even though yoga isn’t traditionally done as a weight-loss method, in fact, it can definitely help you to lose weight along with all the other benefits. This workout is a great example of some of the more intense and flowing yoga workout styles that can really help burn calories and reduce stubborn fat stores. But even if you’re not looking to lose weight, you’ll enjoy this energizing yoga session that will wake up your body and get your day off to a great start, so give it a try!

Now, grab your mat, and let’s go with the flow and get a little sweaty! 🙂


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One thought on “[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Morning Yoga for Energy & Weight Loss
  • “You can burn fat and build strength with a simple yoga routine,” says Melissa Richardson, an instructor at Yoga Center SF.

    Richardson recommends doing 20 minutes of power flow to maximize your workout time. To get the most out of this kind of practice, you should focus on poses that activate as many muscles in one pose as possible for maximum calorie-burning potential.

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