[Weekly Workout] 40-Minute Full Body Yoga Asanas

Strengthen and tone your body and relieve stress with this gentle sequence of full-body yoga asanas.

This full-body yoga session with stretch, strengthen, and tone your entire body from head to toe with a series of yoga asanas designed to focus on each part of your body in sequence.

This total-body sequence begins with back asanas, and progresses through 35 different poses, including abs and core asanas, standing asanas, sitting asanas, neck and shoulder asanas, and of course, Pranayam breathing. The demonstration includes instructions for each pose, as well as the health benefits you may experience from each pose.

Beginners should start with just one repetition of each pose or asana. Savasana (Corpse Pose) is done between each pose to help relax your body and return you to your center.

This is a soothing and gentle yoga session that feels more like 20 minutes than 40!

Do it weekly for a full-body tune up and to relieve stress and center yourself.

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