[Weekly Workout] 40-Minute Vata-Balancing Yoga Flow

Vata balancing yoga video

Balance your Vata energy & welcome the change of seasons with this 40-minute grounding yoga flow!

Autumn is the season of change, which may bring about some imbalances for our bodies and minds. The Ayurvedic tradition teaches us that fall is the season of Vata – cool, dry, airy, and mobile. To avoid becoming “overly vata,” it is recommended that we balance these tendencies with some grounding practices – such as the Vata-balancing yoga flow shown below.

If you’re feeling scattered, lost, overwhelmed, or nervous, or if your joints feel stiff and achy or you are experiencing digestive issues, you may be experiencing a vata imbalance. Try this grounding yoga practice add some fluidity to your body and your life, eliminate excess air in the gut, and center and focus your energy.

Grab your yoga mat, and get ready to balance your doshas with this grounding yoga flow!


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