[Weekly Workout] Ashtanga Yoga Tapas Sequence for Strength & Self-Discipline

This disciplined yoga Tapas sequence can help you keep your resolutions this New Year!

Ah, the start of a new year – full of promise and possibility! This time of year, many of us make resolutions or commitments in areas we would like to improve in our lives. Exercise is a common focus, as many people resolve to lose weight in the coming year. But I like to make mine more specific. This year, I’m resolving to do yoga more often! Not only is yoga an excellent form of physical exercise, but it also has so many other wonderful benefits that positively impact other areas of my life.

The yoga sequence below is based on the Ashtanga yoga principle of Tapas – a Niyama which centers around purification through discipline and restraint. I thought this would be a perfect way to start off the New Year – focusing on self-discipline and strength! Do this one regularly to help you keep your resolutions this year, or just whenever you feel like you need to clear your head and focus.


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